Thursday, November 22, 2018

Footsteps to Follow

This past year, I discovered how important family truly is. 

I have always been close with my extended family. I look up to my smart, older girl cousins, one of whom is not only an amazing soccer player, but also super confident and smart. One studying at medical school the other capturing the little moments with a camera in a big way. My cool little Brooklyn cousins, who I have watched grow into incredibly unique, kind boys. My "big brother" cousins who are two of the funniest, nicest guys you will meet, and who always make me excited for the next adventures ahead. My uncles and aunts are all so smart, creative, and inspiring to me. My Grammy who would read us books and let me mix the batter to our favorite "Bakeshop Ghost Cake." My Grandpa, who is always interested in what I am reading and writing next. And my Gramp who is such a talented musicienne, artist, and photographer, who would play his guitar while me and cousins danced around the living room. 


Friday, October 19, 2018

Love Yourself Always

I am 4'11.

When I was 17 taking drivers ed, the instructor made me use a pillow to properly see above the dashboard. I would occasionally still get offered the kid’s menu at restaurants. And flying solo on an airplane, I have been asked where my parents are. Naturally, I’d always envied tall girls with long legs and that “model figure” (if there is such a thing). But I hate wearing tall heels. So I don’t.


Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Mistaken for a Local

Confidently striding the streets of Chinatown, I was mistaken for a local.

I had spent the afternoon listening to the Mama Mia soundtrack, channeling my inner Donna, exploring the neighborhood though wanderlust eyes. I found City Lights Bookstore, once a meeting place for Beat Poets, and sipped green tea in an authentic Chinese tea shop. The owner, a older Asian woman who spoke little English, questioned me when I arrived alone. “Very young,” she said, when I replied with my age-only 19. “Too young.” But she poured me tea and told me I had lovely skin.
© Daisy Kate